Shipping Modalities

Shipping birds can be made to be less stressful by following some sensible advice from someone experienced in the shipping field and adhering to the rules and regulations of the shippers. What follows is an outline of how to avoid undue stress, accidents, loss, and/or injury to the parrots that you want to ship. This is also a useful guide when buying a parrot that needs to be shipped. You can be sure that Golden Conure Shop goes all the way in ensuring that shipping is hitch-free and smooth.

Preparing Our Parrots For Shipping.

Golden Conure Parrot Shop assures the condition of your Parrot is optimal before shipping. Babies on formula don’t need any extra supplements, but an older bird may. We fortify them all with a stress reduction preparation such as Avitec’s Avi Bios or Mardel’s Ornabac™. These are powdered mixes to be administered to their soft foods before shipping and afterward shipping. The lactobacillus, probiotics, and low ph. levels will help avert bacterial infections resulting from stress. The B-Complex vitamins will help with the stress level itself. We administer these freely to babies as well as adults. ALL Golden parakeet conures sold are weaned.  ALL baby parrots  MUST be fully weaned prior shipping.

Shipping Crates, Containers and Boxes

 We only use AIRLINE APPROVED kennels that meets Delta Airlines, United Airlines, USDA and International Air Transport Association (IATA) requirements Our Shipping Crate requirements are based on USDA and IATA standards built to help eliminate stress during the flight. Upon requestGolden Conure Parrots Shop goes the extra mile to construct heavy-duty wooden crates with breathing holes on all its four sides for better air circulation since all containers may have other cargo stacked around and on top of it. These provide more stability keeping the parrot from being thrown around during air turbulence. Electronic Temperature and pressure regulating Crates could be recommended by some Airlines. Costs for Electronic temperature regulator Crates for Shipping is NOT included in the initial deposit. Each kennel will have a perch, juicy fruits, vegetables, and parrot kibble.

Visits And Pick-up schedule!

  • Visits are by appointment ONLY & during weekdays. Give us a call or contact us by email to schedule a visit. 
  • ALL Parrots are ready for PICK-UP/SHIPPING within 48HR to 72 HRS after Order Confirmation and payment made.
  • A Routine VET CHECK must be done after order confirmation to make sure the parrot is fit, ready and safe for transportation to new home and to Permit us establish the necessary paperwork (Health Certificate, Transfer of ownership document etc.) that go along with the pet.

  • ALL purchases MUST be finalized by a purchase/adoption agreement between seller and customer.

How we prepare the Shipping.

Most airlines now require that a perch be installed (screwed in from the outside of the container) for birds. We make the perch no higher than an inch from the bottom. This way, the parrot won’t fall hard or get caught under the perch during turbulence. We also line the bottom of the carrier with newspaper or crumpled then tamped down paper toweling so that the bird has a better foothold if it stays on the bottom. We also to tape a thick piece of cardboard halfway up the front door if the weather is inclement or if we are shipping babies. For parrots that are extra-large and can chew through most material, we line the entire crate with hardware cloth. We always ship bonded pairs separately or in a separate compartment within the crate so as to avoid stress wounds. We fill the bottom of the crate with the seed (and/or pellets if that is their diet). It works as a good bedding liner and gives the parrots nourishment if they want to eat during the flight. We place cubes of juicy fruit in the container on the floor – grapes, apples, oranges, etc. This will provide the bird(s) with liquids during the flight and any layovers. Just be sure that there is enough food for the bird(s) in case of a 1 or 2 days delay! Finally, we add an extra piece of hardware cloth over the entire door of the crate so that no one is tempted to open the door to take a closer look or to take the parrot. We always make sure the crates have the “LIVE BIRDS” label on it, which is generally provided by the airline.

Our Shipping Policies, Routines and Norms

Golden Conure Parrots Aviary ships to ALL states within the National territory and can make arrangements to almost any city in the United States. Our primary consideration is the well-being of the bird(s) being shipped. We have been shipping for years and we take every precaution to make sure that your pet arrives safely and timely. We prefer to ship direct to a major city, eliminating connecting flights if at all possible. This may mean driving a bit further to a large airport, or it may mean picking up in the evening to ensure appropriate shipping temperatures during hot weather seasons. Weekday shipping is preferred over weekends, due to the fact that there are fewer travelers then, and that many cargo terminals close early on the weekends.

We take care of all the flight/shipping arrangements. Very Simple and Very Safe!


We coordinate flight times with our customer a few days in advance before the bird is being shipped (taking into note the weather condition). The customer is provided with the airline, flight number(s), air waybill/tracking number, and flight departure time and flight arrival time . It is recommended that the customer arrives at the airport no later than the expected flight arrival time so that your bird does not wait at the airport for any period of time. We contact our customers once again on the day of shipment before the bird leaves. A return call, text, or e-mail to our Shop letting us know that the bird(s) arrived safely is highly appreciated. All sales are final when the birds are shipped. There are no returning birds unless the bird has health issues. We have a 2 – 3 days limit, for notification after delivery of the birds, of any problem at the point of delivery, specified on the order. Immediate inspection is necessary to ensure damage didn’t occur during shipping and the birds are alive at delivery. We will replace the dead bird or refund the complete cost of the bird, but not the shipping cost. FULL payment must be made  before any bird is shipped.

Local Delivery & door-step Delivery Option available


We can also deliver your parrots DIRECTLY into your arms!! We can make arrangements with the delivery Agency/Airline to make available a Pet Nanny that will fly with your parrot right to your door-step. This is the safest, most reliable, and the least stressful way for your new parrot to be delivered to you. Local deliveries are handled by well equipped pet transportation vans by pet friendly and trained agents. We love our little feather friends and Always do our best to make sure they come to their new homes safely.