Golden conure parrots are rare to come accross and requires much effort to breed/raise healthy and fit babies to maturity as a result they are expensive and not very readily available for adoption and rehoming. We consider a few aspects before giving out our birds for adoption with one of our major concerns being the certainty that our feather friends will be loved, cherished and well taken care of just as we do here at Golden Conure Parrot’s Corner. The number of birds vary at different periods of the year. We generally do not always offer the very young babies (birds below  4-5 months old) for adoption unless it’s a request from another an experienced breeder or certified breeding program and we are certain beyond reasonable doubt that the birds will  be well taken care of accordingly and allowed to grow to maturity. The token we charge on each bird depends on the age, size and color of the birds; – Young birds , mature bird and adult birds are all offered on certain criteria independently, as unrelated breeding pairs or simply as a pair.  We must admit the Queen of Bavaria Parrots do well in pairs.
To place your Order, fill the contact form on the contact page or simply send us a direct mail indicating your interest, bird age range, bird sex, single or pair to the email address below:
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