The Golden Conure Parrot’s Shop, – a transition from the Golden Conure parrot’s Corner. Established in 1995 as a small farm sized family aviary.

With passion for pet birds, raising a pair of Golden Conure parrot (Queen Of Bavaria Conure) at the time wasn’t very new although proper knowledge and particular attention was required. Loving parrots was a big push and our experience and scope of access was a major contribution to specialize in the golden conure parrot breed. We provide each of our birds with the attention required to attain complete nurturing, development, taming, training and socialization.

Our Missionm & Commitment:

Raising birds is long term commitment that requires passion, love and much care. Our selection, knowledge, customer service and reputation is the reason we got this far and still in business since the late 80’s until the official opening of our Store Location in 1995. Most of our birds are raised right here with a few others coming from rescues, other breeders and regulated breeding partners and programs. We take an active role in supporting relationships between our feather friends (Golden Conure Parrots) and people through consistency and shared experiences with our partners and clients.

Parrot Care:  Our Priority

We take pride and pleasure in catering for this beautiful and exceptionally intelligent and unique parrot breed- The Queen of Bavaria requires much attention and care at all times to ensure their healthy and active lifestyle. Golden Conure Parrot Shop, offers some other services alongside the exotic bird species such as bird cages of different sizes, Bird backpack carriers, Bird  feed etc. We also do Bird Boarding and grooming which involves Feather and Beak trimming, Nail trimming. occasionally Wing Preening, bathing and Spraying also are done.


Premium Parrot breeding &  Upbringing

Aimed at offering the best and absolute high Valued Golden Conure Parrots, we focus at breeding and guarantee a minimum standard for all offsprings. We Assure a minimum standard of good behavior, cordination and social responsiveness to be expected of all golden conure parrots bred and nurtured by us. We have dedicated adequate time and expertise for weaning, taming, training, socialization and evaluation of the birds. We follow a standardized procedure of raising and preparing baby birds for their new homes, which is flexible enough to adapt to the varying natures of the birds.


A Team of Veterinanian at your service

The services and presence of an Avian vet are highly recommended when dealing with our feather friends which is why we have an internal Certified Avian Veterinarian who ensures and assures the health of the birds by routine checks. We all feel very sad to encounter a pet parrot who has been degraded by feather plucking or any other health related issue so we are committed to preventing such situations. We are always on hand to provide advice, tips and support before, during and after the purchase of any bird from us.